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Tagħbija ... All forms of gambling in Romania today is completely legal and widespread. The country has a long history of legal gambling since 1906, when the National Lotterija Lotterija Romana was created. During the communist dictatorship under Nicolae Ceausescu gambling was declared illegal, but in 1990 the regime was overthrown, and gambling became legal again. The first casino in post-communist Romania, opened in 1991.

Today in Romania for more than 20 casinos, as well as more than 20,000 slot machines, which are located in shopping centers, cafes and other public locations across the country. imħatri sportivi is also completely legal, and in most major Romanian cities, you can find a bookmakers with high stakes. Culture of gambling in Romania quickly matured, the industry is currently in the country is quite advanced.

Logħob onlajn fir-Rumanija

Online gambling in Romania only recently became legal with the creation of the National Agency for gambling (National Gaming Office) April 4, 2013. Prior to this, online gambling was technically legal since 2010, when the legislation was passed legalizing sites online gambling in Romania, having a state license. However, in the absence of regulatory authority and in accordance with the law of online gambling games in Romania, the operators have not been able to apply.

Today in the country there are a lot of foreign casinos available for Romanians. Note that none of the local operators have not received the license in 2014. Online bookmakers are also popular in Romania, but again it is mainly large foreign operators without licenses Romanian.

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Logħob ta 'lażżard fir-Rumanija

Romania – the Black Sea is a beautiful scenery, the magic valley of the Danube, numerous lakes and picturesque mountains, the spirit of romanticism and mystical legends. But even the traveler all options are open when it comes to gambling, because they are allowed in the country and presented in all its diversity. CasinoToplists sent to Bucharest to get to know the Romanian gambling industry.

Sommarju tal-artikolu:

  • Romania – where there is also a bit of history;
  • Casinos ibbażati fuq l-art fil-pajjiż bħalissa:
  • Legal and licensed;
  • Strict limits for the casino company.
  • The most famous casino in Romania:
  • network Olympic Casino;
  • Casino Bucharest;
  • Mirage Casino;
  • Havana Princess Casino.
  • Online gambling: is legal both local and foreign operators license;
  • Five sights of Romania in Bucharest with the addresses of the capital;
  • Amazing facts about Romania and Romanians.

Post Rumanija u sfond storiku qasir

Ir-Rumanija tinsab fix-xlokk Ewropa. Today, it is a parliamentary republic headed by President Klaus Johannis and Prime Minister Victor Ponta. The capital of the country is the ancient city of Bucharest.

RomaniaXCHARXs territory was inhabited by Cro-Magnon another 42 000 years ago. During the Roman Empire lands were part of its composition. By the way, the modern name is translated as XCHARXRomanXCHARX.

In the Middle Ages Romania consisted of Transylvania, Moldavia and Wallachia. As a result of the conflicts in the territory of different ages were part of the Hungarian Kingdom and the Ottoman Empire.

In the second half of the XIX century the principality of Romania becoming existing borders. Formation ended only in the twentieth century. After the Romanian Revolution in 1989 began a new phase of history.

Billi 2004 Ir-Rumanija hija membru tan-NATO, u peress li 2007 - membru tal-UE.

Casino u logħob fir-Rumanija

The modern history of gambling in Romania dates back from 1990. After the overthrow of Ceausescu, the country returned to the gambling business. Although initially there was no regulatory laws, they began to appear in 1991 with the arrival of Casino Aistria Austrian company that created the first major casino in the capital.

In 1992 he appeared on the Gaming Commission, which followed the work of all gambling establishments. In 1993 it adopted the laws on taxes for casinos. Gambling business got so much popularity that the Romanian government has introduced compulsory licensing in 1998. All this is described in the law XCHARXOn regulation of gambling.XCHARX

Minn 1999, is-sidien tal-każinò huma meħtieġa jikkonformaw mar-rekwiżiti tal-liċenzjar, biex jorganizzaw każinò f'bini separat, kumplessi tal-lukandi jew ma jissodisfawx il-funzjoni diretta tagħhom taċ-ċinema.

Fir-Rumanija, ippermetta l-logħob diversi direzzjonijiet:

  • Magni ta 'l-islott;
  • logħob fuq it-tabelli: Poker, canasta, baccarat, Blackjack, roulette, Punto Blanco;
  • lotterija;
  • Imħatri: imħatri, uffiċċji tal-imħatri;
  • Logħob bl-użu tat-telefon u l-Internet.

The law is strict enough to the organizers of gambling entertainment. Please observe the layout of rooms, number of ancillary facilities, desks, makeup games and so on. License is acquired not only in the conduct of business itself, but also licensed by each gaming machine. Typically, licenses valid for a period

1-5 years. After these dates, you need to be checked again, and buy a new license.

For all employees of gambling establishments set the age limit, for example, for directors XCHARX from 23 years. There are a number of prohibitions related to criminal records or work in the civil service.

Before the casino to be opened, it is necessary to form a guarantee fund. It is calculated individually.

Rumanija casino popolari

In Romania, a lot of casinos that meet international standards. Certainly one of the best considered as Olympic Casino chain. It includes 9 institutions, which employs about 3000 people. Network XCHARX a full-fledged member of the Ewropea Casino Association. Guests receive the best conditions to play any traditional gambling.

Casino Bucharest XCHARX one of the most famous casinos in Bucharest, located almost in the city center in a 5-star hotel complex Intercontinental Hotel. Restaurant is atmospheric: impeccable interiors, well-trained service, excellent food XCHARX just what you need for a comfortable game. In Casino Bucharest working table 14 with games table 4 with Blackjack, roulette tabelli 7.

Mirage Casino XCHARX another metropolitan casino operating since 2003. It is located next to the hotel Ambassador Hotel on Magheru Boulevard. Spacious facility occupies 1000 squares, there are two VIP rooms. There are 12 gaming tables, and you can make bets starting from 1 euro.

Havana Princess Casino is located in the city center, occupying 1200 squares. The institution employs highly trained professionals, serving 12 tables in the games. Casino is focused on foreign visitors, mainly played here by travelers from Ċina u Turkija.

Casinos onlajn fir-Rumanija

L-istorja ta ' casinos online in Romania quite messy. Although officially virtual gambling is allowed only in 2015, actually on Romanian servers have long operated gaming sites. Annually by budget flowed up to half a billion euros.

Jillegalizzaw casinos online have tried since 2009, every year, presenting new bills. But the lack of budget in 2014 pushed finally the government to legalize. Now, on the territory of Romania can play freely on your favorite gambling sites .

Attrazzjonijiet ta 'Bukarest

  1. Ateni Rumena . Address: Strada Benjamin Franklin 1-3, Bucureşti. This is a beautiful concert hall of the country, which is often called the heart of Bucharest. The building was built in 1888 in neo-classical style with elements of eclecticism. The interior of the special luxury and wealth.
  2. Palazz tal-Parlament . Address: Strada Izvor 2-4, Bucureşti. Landmark on the hill Spiro XCHARX the best example of the socialist time, towering over Bucharest on 86 meters, and leaving the ground at 92 meters.
  3. Mużew Nazzjonali tal-Villaġġ . Address: Şoseaua Pavel Dimitrievici Kiseleff 28-30, Bucureşti 011347. Outdoor collected 272 buildings from different parts of the country.
  4. Mużew Nazzjonali tal-Arti tar-Rumanija . Address: 49-53, Calea Victoriei, 010063 Bucureşti. The largest museum of Ewropea u l-arti Rumena b'3,000 juri u riservisti 60,000.
  5. Herăstrău Park . Address: Sector 1, Bucureşti. Founded in 1936 on the eponymous lake park located in the northern part of Bucharest.

Fatti interessanti dwar ir-Rumanija u r-Rumeni

  • Bukarest imsejjaħ Little Paris tal-Lvant.
  • Il-Kastell tal-Fossa nbena fis-seklu XIV - is-siti turistiċi l-aktar popolari fil-pajjiż, peress li huwa meqjus bħala l-isem ta 'Count Dracula.
  • Romania has Independence Day XCHARX 9 May. But this is not the day of victory in the Second World War, the day of freedom from the Ottoman Empire, obtained in 1877.

Ir-Rumanija fuq il-mappa ta 'l-Ewropa:

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